Natural Nipple Reconstruction

At The LaVie Institute, we perform surgery to correct the appearance of the nipple — its shape, size, location, and coloring — in order to enhance the results of breast reconstruction and provide the patient with a natural-looking, elegant final outcome. Each treatment plan is carefully crafted to reflect the patient’s unique wishes for transformation and help achieve a renewed sense of confidence and security.

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Why Choose The LaVie Institute of Plastic Surgery?

The LaVie Institute melds the expertise, skill, and artistry of four distinguished board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeons, providing clients with access to a powerful collective knowledge base and a nearly unprecedented level of aesthetic excellence. We recognize each patient is on a journey in their lives and we strive to empower the individual through a comprehensive, customized approach that exceeds their expectations.

What Are Nipple Procedures?

Nipple procedures include nipple resensation after a nipple-sparing mastectomy and nipple reconstruction, including nipple tattooing. These final steps in the breast reconstruction process can help clients to experience a renewed sense of normalcy in their lives and a feeling of confidence that they can wear any outfit they desire. 

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Nipple Reconstruction Options


Some patients can opt for a nipple-sparing mastectomy that leaves the nipple intact after removal of the breast tissue. If this path is chosen, nipple reconstruction will be unnecessary. When combined with innovative breast reconstruction techniques, your outcome will appear highly natural and seamless.


If the nipple is removed during mastectomy, our team can perform nipple reconstruction to provide a realistic-looking final outcome. Women can choose to undergo 3D nipple tattooing by itself or in combination with nipple reconstruction.

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Our State-of-the-Art Facility

The LaVie Institute is home to a patient-centric decor designed with your comfort, relaxation, and wellbeing in mind. We offer a world-class 8-room clinic along with two accredited onsite operating theaters that provide best-in-class technology to optimize your results.

Additionally, we perform hand and reconstructive procedures at our top-tier hospital-based clinic, affiliated with the prestigious Swedish Medical Center as well as other leading outpatient surgery centers. Our goal is to foster an atmosphere of respect and safety, where each client is treated like a unique individual on a transformative life journey.

Nipple Resensation

While breast reconstruction can create a visually appealing breast mound, enhanced clothing options, and replenished self-confidence, the procedure does not restore sensation to the nipple areolar complex. This can be a source of concern and frustration for many women. Unless the nerves that were severed as a result of mastectomy are repaired, the patient will likely experience numbness in the breasts.

Our team at The LaVie Institute of Plastic Surgery uses nerve allograft during reconstruction to repair the nerves that signal sensation to the brain. Over time, the nerve allograft is integrated into the patient’s body, cementing the sensation pathway. Nerves do take time to heal, however. Patients can expect to begin experiencing renewed sensation in the nipples within several months, with results continuing to evolve over the course of two years.

Nipple Reconstruction

Nipple reconstruction involves recreating a nipple from scratch after mastectomy. Once the breast mounds have been restored through either autologous tissue flap reconstruction or implant-based reconstruction, nipple reconstruction can begin as the final phase of the process. You can expect the following timeline:


You will meet with our team to discuss your options for nipple reconstruction and have your questions answered in detail. The procedure can be scheduled 3-4 months after your initial breast reconstruction procedure.


Nipple reconstruction can be performed under local anesthesia, reducing patient risk and expediting recovery. Clients will remain conscious but will not feel any discomfort or pain. General anesthesia is always an option, however, and your choice can be discussed during your private consultation.

Nipple creation

Your surgeon will use a skin flap to create an elevated nipple mound that is realistic-looking and natural. The nipple location will be carefully considered for a balanced, symmetrical outcome. This process takes around one hour to complete, with small sutures placed to secure the skin.

Nipple tattooing

As the last phase of nipple reconstruction, nipple tattooing can be performed around three months after nipple reconstruction. A topical anesthetic is applied to the skin, making the tattooing process nearly painless. Tattoo pigments are chosen that resemble the patient’s natural skin color. The tattoo artist will create the ideal shading for both the nipple and the areola.

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Who is an Ideal Candidate for Nipple Procedures?

Candidacy for nipple resensation and nipple reconstruction with areola tattooing is assessed on an individual basis and will depend on the patient’s unique preferences as well as the type of mastectomy they undergo. For women seeking enhanced quality of life, nipple procedures can provide that final sense of completion after a long ordeal.

We will meet with you for an in-depth private consultation to discuss your options and present you with a detailed treatment plan, going over the procedure's risks, benefits, recovery, and results. We take ample time to answer your questions and concerns, empowering you with the education and information you deserve to make the best decisions for your breast reconstruction journey.

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