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With pregnancy, weight loss, and aging, the labia lips lose their natural firmness. Sagging labia lips can cause chafing and irritation, inhibit healthy sexual function, and lead to self-consciousness due to their asymmetrical or elongated appearance. Our labiaplasty in Denver is a minor surgical procedure to restore balance in the vaginal region, helping women to regain enjoyment of sports, activities, and intimacy.

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Why Choose The LaVie Institute of Plastic Surgery?

Our practice is home to four of the most experienced, trusted plastic and reconstructive surgeons in the region, each of whom is board-certified in both Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery. Our focus is the safety, well-being, and success of our patients and that dedication is evident from the first consultation all the way through recovery. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive, personalized experience that results in an elegant and natural-looking outcome perfectly tailored to the client’s wishes.

What is Labiaplasty?

Women seek out labiaplasty for many different reasons. Some are struggling with enlarged labia lips that make it difficult to exercise or enjoy sexual intimacy. Others are bothered by chafing, irritation, and discomfort along with a curtailment of their clothing choices. In all cases, labiaplasty can help restore the appearance and function of a woman’s lower body, reestablishing her confidence and peace of mind.

Why Do Women Pursue Labiaplasty?

Some women suffer a condition called labia minora hypertrophy, which can occur due to genetics, aging, weight loss, or pregnancy/childbirth. When the inner labia lips sag below the outer labia lips (labia majora), they may instigate discomfort, irritation, and chafing, inhibiting the patient’s natural movements during exercise, activities, sports, and intercourse.

Naturally, some women will pursue our labiaplasty in Denver solely for the cosmetic improvements the procedure brings. The surgery can restore a naturally balanced, symmetrical appearance.

Labiaplasty can:

  • Reduce enlarged labia lips
  • Improve labia symmetry
  • Combat changes due to aging, pregnancy, and weight loss
  • Relieve discomfort and irritation
  • Expand participation in activities and sports
  • Rejuvenate the appearance of the vaginal region

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How is Labiaplasty Performed?


Our team will perform a physical evaluation and a thorough review of your medical history, answering all your questions in depth. We will then create a personalized treatment plan that helps achieve your unique goals for improvement. 


Labiaplasty can be performed under general or local anesthesia. We will discuss your options during your private consultation. Your safety and comfort are our utmost priorities.

Trim Technique

The surgeon will remove redundant labial tissue, suturing the remaining skin along the new edge of the labia structure. The darker portions of the labia are thus excised, making this approach a popular and sought-after solution.

Wedge Technique

With this approach, the surgeon removes a triangle-shaped wedge of tissue from both sides of the labia, suturing the incisions afterward. The natural labial edge is preserved while lip size is decreased. The darker areas of the labia are left undisturbed.

What Are the Benefits of Labiaplasty?

  • Improves symmetry
  • Trims excess labia skin
  • Enhances physical comfort
  • Increases intimate pleasure
  • Corrects age-related changes
  • Restores sensation
  • Expands clothing options
  • Boosts self-confidence
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Our World-Class Facility

The LaVie Institute is an inviting, welcoming practice where elegant decor is paired with state-of-the-art technology and equipment. Our optimized 8-room clinic is housed alongside our two onsite accredited operating theaters, where our board-certified surgeons perform a wide range of transformative procedures.

For hand and reconstructive surgeries, we offer access to our hospital-based clinic affiliated with the prestigious Swedish Medical Center and other elite outpatient surgery centers. We strive to exceed expectations from the moment you walk through the door until long after you have completed your recovery.

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Is Labiaplasty Right For Me?

  • You are in good mental and physical health
  • You are a non-smoker or are willing to quit temporarily
  • You have realistic expectations for your results
  • You are experiencing discomfort, irritation, or chafing
  • Your labia lips are elongated or asymmetrical
  • Your body has changed due to aging, weight loss, or childbirth

After Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty Recovery

Minor soreness after your labiaplasty in Denver is to be expected but can be well-controlled with prescription pain medications provided by your surgeon. You may also encounter mild swelling and bruising that will gradually dissipate within the coming weeks. Most patients take one week off from work and should avoid intercourse and strenuous activities for 4-6 weeks, or as advised by the doctor.

Labiaplasty Results

While minor swelling can persist for up to six months, you will be able to begin seeing and feeling improvement within about six weeks. After labiaplasty, there is little visible scarring, as the incisions are well-hidden within the natural folds of the labia and this area typically heals very well. Clients who undergo labiaplasty experience increased self-confidence, a return of enjoyment performing their favorite activities, and a deeper sense of intimate pleasure.

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Dr Daniali is amazing in so many ways! I am very pleased with the final outcome and would highly recommend her. Dr Daniali is very articulate and she is a good listener. She will tell you straight up what is realistic and what is not and she will give you options to consider. I felt very well cared for each time we had an office visit and with each surgery. Her compassion really shines through in her work.

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