Post-Baby Restoration

While giving birth is among a woman’s greatest joys in life, the process can distort the appearance of the breasts, hips, and belly, causing self-consciousness. Our mommy makeover in Denver combines multiple aesthetic treatments to address all aspects of a woman’s appearance, allowing her to feel rejuvenated, revitalized, and restored to her pre-baby body.

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Why Choose The LaVie Institute of Plastic Surgery?

At The LaVie Institute, patients receive personalized attention and a detailed treatment plan that helps to achieve their unique wishes for transformation. We provide access to four of the top board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeons in the region who operate in our immaculate, safety-oriented facility, fully accredited and equipped with the latest in advanced technology. Our goal is always to exceed expectations for excellence by delivering a comprehensive and client-focused experience. 

What is a Mommy Makeover?

After pregnancy and childbirth, many moms feel as though they don’t recognize themselves in the mirror. They may be unhappy with the appearance of their breasts, stomach, hips, and intimate regions and seek a comprehensive solution that will address all of these concerns at the same time. The mommy makeover offers patients a chance to minimize their total recovery time and save costs by combining multiple body sculpting treatments to revitalize their figures from head to toe.

Each mommy makeover treatment plan is carefully curated to reflect the patient’s unique goals and wishes. Some plans may include as many as six procedures, while others will include only one or two. Its high degree of customization makes the mommy makeover a popular and sought-after solution for restoring self-confidence after giving birth. Your detailed consultation will begin with a thorough exploration of what you do and do not like about your figure. 

What Procedures Are Included?

Breast surgery 

Our skilled surgeons can perform breast augmentation to restore volume and shape after nursing or a breast lift to address skin ptosis and downward-facing nipples. Some women will opt for a breast reduction to ease the discomfort and fatigue associated with oversized breasts. 


Liposuction is a body contouring procedure to remove excess stubborn fat from multiple areas of the physique, restoring tighter, more sculpted contours. In some cases, the extracted fat can be used as part of a fat transfer procedure (Brazilian butt lift or facial fat grafting.)


A tummy tuck can remove redundant skin folds from the midsection while combating pockets of fat and tightening separated or weakened abdominal muscles. Women enjoy a flatter, more youthful-looking stomach after surgery, with enhanced wardrobe options.


After pregnancy, the labia lips may stretch out and lose their natural shapely appearance. Labiaplasty restores both form and function, optimizing your intimate life while enhancing comfort. Many abandoned sports, hobbies, and activities become enjoyable once more after labiaplasty.

Facial rejuvenation

Our team can perform facial rejuvenation using injectables and dermal fillers, eradicating lines and wrinkles while enhancing volume and radiance. Fillers can be used to create a non-surgical facelift or rhinoplasty, balancing the features and restoring definition in the jawline.

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Who is an Ideal Candidate?

Moms struggling with excess sagging skin and stretch marks in the abdomen as well as weakened, separated stomach muscles make ideal candidates for our mommy makeover in Denver. They may also be unhappy with the appearance of deflated, drooping breasts and desire contouring in their intimate regions. 

It is suggested that a woman has completed her family before undergoing the procedure and is not planning on having more children. While a mommy makeover will not prevent the patient from giving birth in the future, an additional pregnancy could compromise one’s aesthetic results.

Mommy Makeover Recovery

Because each treatment plan is highly individualized, recovery times will vary from client to client. For more invasive procedures, downtime of 1-3 weeks can be expected. Our team will provide detailed aftercare instructions along with prescription pain medications and compression garments to help reduce swelling.

Mommy Makeover Results

A mommy makeover typically results in a more sculpted, slim, and youthful-looking physique. The breast shape and volume is restored, pockets of stubborn fat are eliminated, and the belly appears flat and toned. While there will always be scarring following any surgical procedure, most women feel the tradeoff is well worth it.

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Are there any risks associated with a mommy makeover?

How much does a mommy makeover cost?

Do I have to have all of the suggested mommy makeover procedures?

Are there any risks associated with a mommy makeover?

Our board-certified plastic surgeons minimize potential risks and complications by practicing meticulous attention to detail and a conservative approach, taking every step necessary to ensure your safety. Risks are an inherent part of any surgery, and may include bleeding, infection, poor wound healing, and scarring. We will go over all risks for your individual procedures during your private consultation.

How much does a mommy makeover cost?

Pricing will vary based on the techniques used and the total number of treatments undergone. In general, choosing a mommy makeover will minimize overall costs when compared to undergoing each procedure on its own. We will provide a customized quote for services at the time of your private consultation along with financing options.

Do I have to have all of the suggested mommy makeover procedures?

No. Each mommy makeover is uniquely tailored to your precise concerns and wishes. You can choose the type of procedures and the number of procedures to suit your comfort level, budget, and aesthetic goals. We can help create your personalized treatment plan during your private consultation.

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