Youthful Hand Renewal

Hand rejuvenation can address wrinkles, sagging, hyperpigmentation, and overly prominent tendons that form in the hands as a result of the aging process, exposure to the elements, and sun damage. Loss of volume in the hands occurs over time as a result of diminishing collagen and elastin reserves. Our state-of-the-art hand rejuvenation treatments can create a more youthful appearance and allow you to feel confident wearing rings and bracelets. 

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Why Choose The LaVie Institute?

Each of our precision-oriented providers is board-certified not only in plastic surgery but in hand surgery as well. This means that we can offer invaluable insight and artistry when it comes to the field of hand rejuvenation. It is one of our unique specialties. We will craft a personalized treatment plan to achieve your aesthetic goals, empowering you to create your ideal self-image.

Our practice houses a state-of-the-art 8-room clinic along with 2 onsite accredited operating theaters equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology. For hand and reconstructive procedures, we provide access to our top-tier hospital-based clinic, affiliated with the prestigious Swedish Medical Center.

What is Hand Rejuvenation?

The approach to hand rejuvenation is two-fold. Volume loss must be addressed to give the hands a more plump, supple look, and the skin’s texture must be corrected to achieve a smooth, blemish-free appearance. We use fat grafting, laser therapy, and dermal fillers to accomplish these goals, comprehensively combating the signs of aging.

Hand rejuvenation can…

  • Replenish lost fat volume
  • Reduce the look of prominent tendons and veins
  • Correct age spots and hyperpigmentation
  • Create a more youthful, inviting appearance

Who is a Good Candidate for Hand Rejuvenation?

If you have grown self-conscious about the appearance of your hands due to enlarged tendons and veins, discoloration, and volume loss, our innovative hand rejuvenation techniques can help restore peace of mind and self-confidence. Patients pursuing treatment should be in good overall health, non-smoking, and realistic in their expectations, based on their private consultation with our friendly, knowledgeable team.

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Dr. Endress was exceptional with his communication concerning the procedure. He made my wife and I very comfortable and confident with his detailed explanations of what to expect. Have used him numerous times and every experience was the same.  Great person as well as Doctor.

Scott McCaskill

Hand Rejuvenation Techniques

Dermal Fillers

Temporary fillers like Sculptra can help replenish collagen reserves and rebuild the skin’s structure from within. They can also combat volume loss, plumping the hand contours for a more youthful aesthetic. The treatment takes just minutes to perform and comes with no discomfort or downtime.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Our sophisticated laser modalities can eradicate lines, hyperpigmentation, and age spots, revealing a more vibrant and inviting skin tone and texture. Laser therapy not only removes surface-level damage but also triggers collagen regeneration at a deeper level.

Fat Transfer

Fat grafting uses the patient’s own tissue to enhance volume and provide natural-looking rejuvenation in the hands. Fat cells are harvested from the belly, thighs, or flanks, offering the dual benefits of sculpting the donor regions. 

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Your Detailed Consultation

During your consultation, we will examine your hands, delve into the root causes of your cosmetic concerns, and engineer a winning treatment plan that accomplishes your goals for improvement. We will explain the details of our chosen approach, going over the risks and benefits, the downtime, and what you can expect in terms of your results. We will also discuss the costs for hand rejuvenation and financing options.

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